Thursday, 10 January 2013

Babywearing - How to Use a Wrap

I wear my baby quite often with a wrap. In fact I bought an Organic Sleepy Wrap (now called Organic Boba Wrap) quite some time ago before the birth of my second child. I like wraps compared to other babywearing methods as I like the flexibility that the wraps can provide over other type of baby carriers.

Here are some of the tutorial videos that I found from youtube that had guided me along in wrapping my baby :

1. Front Carry Double Hammock style (from PWCC) short video version

2. Main Knot (advanced PWCC)

3. Off Centered Front Carry

4.Front Carry Double Hammock style (from PWCC)

Attachment Parenting

I have been practicing Attachment Parenting (AP) since the birth of my first child, Shan, and now with my second one, Shuen. For those who are not familiar, Attachment Parenting is a style of parenting method highly recommended by Dr. William Sears in his practice as a paediatrician. The purpose of this parenting style is to promote natural bonding between the the child and mother/caregiver since birth. For those who are interested, you may get to know more from here. You may also join this Facebook group.

Dr. Sears had listed out 7 AP Tools (Baby B's) in his book and they are :

1. Birth Bonding
2. Breastfeeding
3. Babywearing
4. Bedding close to baby
5. Belief in the language value of your baby's cry
6. Beware of baby trainers
7. Balance

I am very glad that I have following the practices very closely from 1. to 6. Why am I so keen in this parenting style?

In fact I have been partially practicing AP without my awareness of this defined parenting style since the birth of Shan. And I found that Shan and I have a very good bonding and she have become a very likeable child by everyone around her since very young. When I gave birth to Shuen and accidentally came across the Attachment Parenting book by Dr. Sears, I was very attracted to his ideas in his book. Thus I have further dedicated myself to fully implement his teachings in order to fully reap the desired results.

However, maybe due to over zealousness,  I have not been able to master no. 7. well.  Hope that with further practice I would be able to overcome this challenge!

Baby Expo 2013 at Singapore Expo

Baby Expo 2013 at Singapore EXPO.


18 Jan - 19 Jan 13: 11am to 9pm
20 Jan 13: 11am to 8pm

Vivacious Media Pte Ltd

Contact Details:
Telephone: +65 6404 3676

Rise and Shine Expo 2013

Hooray! Here comes Rise and Shine Expo 2013 - A Children's Health and Development Expo. Very happy to find such expo coming soon in Singapore this year :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Stay at Home Mom in Singapore

As a Stay at Home Mom in Singapore with 2 kids (a 3 months old baby and a 2.5 years old toddler) without any domestic helper, it is quite a challenge trying to juggle between taking care of children and maintaining a house. However it has been quite a satisfying role and i never regretted sacrificing my career for it!

Seeing my elder daughter (Shan) growing up from day 1 is really an experience I won't trade with any other things. All the joys seeing her reaching her milestones and all the efforts in trying to overcome fear when challenges arise, have made my life as a mother very fulfilling indeed. Now can't wait to go through a second cycle with my second daughter (Shuen) which have totally different traits and personality, meaning different set of fun and challenges ahead.

Hope I will be able to continue being a caring and nurturing mother to both Shan and Shuen *smile*

Medisave and MediShield for My Children

I have been contemplating about getting my children to participate in Medisave and MediShield scheme. The info I had gotten from CPF website is very helpful in my understanding towards the scheme and the choices that I have.