Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Stay at Home Mom in Singapore

As a Stay at Home Mom in Singapore with 2 kids (a 3 months old baby and a 2.5 years old toddler) without any domestic helper, it is quite a challenge trying to juggle between taking care of children and maintaining a house. However it has been quite a satisfying role and i never regretted sacrificing my career for it!

Seeing my elder daughter (Shan) growing up from day 1 is really an experience I won't trade with any other things. All the joys seeing her reaching her milestones and all the efforts in trying to overcome fear when challenges arise, have made my life as a mother very fulfilling indeed. Now can't wait to go through a second cycle with my second daughter (Shuen) which have totally different traits and personality, meaning different set of fun and challenges ahead.

Hope I will be able to continue being a caring and nurturing mother to both Shan and Shuen *smile*

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